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A Day At Home With Roxie Nafousi

1. Introduce yourself: your name, where you're based.

My name is Roxie Nafousi and I am based in London


2. How are you coping with staying at home?

I’m really enjoying being creative with my work and find new ways to work online. It feels like a new challenge and I’m embracing all the positives I can find in this new way of life!


3. What’s your go-to home workout?

Marnie Alton, Louisa Drake, Paola’s Body Barre, and HelloYoga


4. What are you doing with your kids at home?

 A lot of hide and seek!


5. Are you staying healthy or are you opening the wine?

 Staying super healthy and keeping active as much as I can because I think it’s key for your mental and emotional wellbeing right now to say energized and clear-headed, but I allow myself a glass or two of wine on the weekend and some home-made banana bread!


6. What are you struggling with at the moment, in this hard time?

 I miss going spinning!


7. What are you doing with your skincare routine this week?

Focusing a lot of time on at-home facials, using my NuFace machine every morning and enjoying how fresh my skin feels as I’m not wearing foundation!


8. What are you reading at the moment?

You Are Enough, by Panache Desai


9. How are you balancing work, kids & home life?

It’s hard because my son Wolfie is always around when I’m trying to work/workout. But I ask Wade to help and we take turns to work uninterrupted and I let Wolfie watch me workout because he finds it fascinating and it’s so cute when he crawls up to me. I form a schedule each morning and that helps me get everything done!


10. Are you stressed and how are you coping with your mental health?

Not at all, I feel great as I know we are all in this together and I love being able to connect with people online! I meditate, do yoga, write gratitude lists, stay healthy and speak to friends every day to keep mentally well!


11. Any food or tinctures you’re taking or making?

I’m getting into puzzles! It’s so therapeutic


12. What TV shows & movies have you been watching?

The Sinner and Contagion - strange how similar it is!!


13.Outfits?!?! Are you dressing up or dressing down??

 Dressing down!!!!

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