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Model & Activist Allie Rizzo On Movement, Meditation, and Methods Of Relaxation

It’s simple really

Wellness is a big word these days (overused perhaps, yes), that means many things to many people. To us, the idea of wellness includes anything that makes you feel like the best version of yourself, not just green juice and fitness trends (unless that's your thing, of course!). With precisely this mindset, activist, model, mom, and wife of restaurateur Scott Sartiano of Zero Bond and Broken Coconut, does it best.

For Allie, it's never been about rushing to a workout class; instead, she prioritizes walking, healthy eating (hands for Broken Coconut), and time to herself on the reg. Having found the holy grail of balance, we stopped by Allie's place, with piqued interest, to get the lowdown on her mellow approach to all things movement, meditation, and methods of relaxation.

And remember, if nothing else sticks: Be active. Drink lots of coffee (& wine). It's simple.


What’s total wellness to you?
When it comes to fitness, I'm very laid back. That said, I'm also very active (hello, mother of a toddler, that’s me!). We have a gym in our building, and I try to pop down for a quick run on the treadmill as often as possible. I view running a few miles a day as a stress treatment tool. It’s about clearing my headspace, finding balance, staying focused, and getting a hit of endorphins; it’s not about getting fit or reaching a goal. There's nothing quite as effective for recalibrating the mind then working out (even for only 30 minutes), especially when you're feeling anxious or tense. I run to loud music to get out of my head; it's my version of meditating.

Plus, I walk everywhere. I live in NYC and, for the most part, will always choose to walk versus taking a car or the train. I wholeheartedly consider this part of my fitness routine. Easily I can rack up 2-3 miles a day just getting around the city, while listening to music or taking calls — it's the best fat burning, butt lifting you can do.

While my methods are not as traditional (I don't go to workout classes or worry about hitting the treadmill everyday), between lifting a toddler constantly and walking everywhere, I'm incredibly active. Wellness looks different for everyone, and the spectrum is vast, I believe it's best when fitness and activity are seamlessly integrated, rather than a point of stress; it should just be how we live.

How do you organize yourself throughout the day?
For me, no two days are the same, and so much depends whether I'm home or on set. Regardless, the first thing I do is head straight to the coffee machine and then get Henry after a few moments of nursing my coffee. Afterwhich, Scott or I will take the dogs but I prefer to do it and stroll by myself in the morning before heading to work or spending the day as a mom.

On the days that I make it downstairs to run, I will go in the morning right after my coffee and dog walk as it helps me start my day in the right way with more energy. Overall, Scott and I have a flexible schedule and are not 9-5 people. The only person that's on a strict schedule which we never mess with is Henry because it makes our lives easier.

Aside from modeling & momming, what is Mother Of Dogs?
I rescued a dog several years ago, and before that, I had no idea how bad the shelter system is and how many animals need homes. I was horrified to see people going to pet shops to buy French bulldogs from breeders when there are millions of animals available for adoption. I speak from experience as I was one of those people until I rescued a dog myself. I launched Mother of Dogs as an awareness platform to shed a little light on the situation and bring attention to rescue dogs that need homes and the issues with the breeding dog.

To bring awareness — we are launching a cute capsule collaboration with Bandier on April 2nd and giving all proceeds to Animal Haven, a shelter in NYC that does an outstanding job.

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What’s a typical day of eating?
Lately, I have been trying to cook at home a lot more, especially when it's colder because it feels cozy -- I've gone full-on 70’s lady style with a crockpot because I love the smell of a meal cooking all day. I will start a veggie chili in the AM, knowing that Scott will come home and eat it. But also, we’re in NYC and Scott is in the hospitality business, so we go to dinner a lot, and we order in, a lot.

I lean towards a mainly veggie diet. I eat fish, but no red meat, and I haven’t had pork in a decade. It was easy to eliminate for me as I don’t have a taste for it.

Your go-to wellness hacks?
Wine. Hard stop. Not kidding. It's a much-needed way to end a full day of toddler activities or shooting. If I go to dinner, I will have a cocktail, but I don't sit around making martinis at home, only red wine at night red to relax.

Massages are also a considerable part of my wellness routine, and I try to go as often as possible. They do wonders for me, and I always leave feeling rested.

A great book you have read recently?
Two actually! I really enjoyed both The Nightingale and Summer At The Lake. I’ an avid reader and love a fantasy or old school book that takes you away, a total escape into a story wherein you’re lost in the lives of the characters.

Do you ever listen to podcasts?
I do, yes! But, if I had the choice, I’ll listen to an audible. The last podcast I listened to was The Daily on the Coronavirus, and it was terrifying. Scott and I just sat there quietly in horror.

With everything in the news and having listened to that podcast, are you concerned?
I think any time there is minor hysteria; you get a little concerned. The scary part is the unknown. The truth is you, while it’s terrible to know that something like this is going around, at the same time you can also be hit by a cab walking across the street, but that doesn’t paralyze us from living our lives. The best way forward is to proceed with concern and take reasonable precautions, the same as you would cross the street, but don’t stop living your life. Plus, hoarding water bottles isn’t the answer. If NYC goes into lockdown, we have more significant issues.

How do you end each day?
I love audibles. I often turn on a chapter in the dark, and it helps me decompress and fall asleep.

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