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Model Britt Maren Talks Sweets, Skincare & Self-Isolation

Beauty lover and sweets obsessed, Britt is staying hydrated and feeling good. This new mama and wellness aficionado talks about the importance of taking care of yourself (especially as a new mom of a 10-month old) during self-isolation. Plus, her healthy-ish dessert hacks and how she gets that glowing skin - I mean, whatever she's doing, signnn meee up!


How are you adjusting to our new normal?
We’re definitely finding our way and settling in. I make a point to get out for a walk every day as this not only makes me feel better physically but also mentally. Getting some form of movement daily and taking the time to breathe and reflect on the fact that we're safe and healthy is key to getting through this unusual period.

What does wellness mean to you?
To me, it’s simply a matter of taking care of myself in a million tiny ways, from drinking water to walking. It’s not about buying expensive products. I make a point of listening to what my body needs and responding accordingly to stay healthy and well.

I can’t pinpoint a specific moment that I began to take more of an interest in “wellness” or a time when I had some big awakening. It was a gradual process of becoming more and more in tune with my body. As a model, I’ve always been aware of body image, with that understanding, I’ve chosen to cultivate healthy habits around that awareness instead of unhealthy ones.

Plus, my mom cooked growing up and now I’m married to a chef. Having a deep appreciation for ingredients and the power of nurturing your body through food has always been a prominent part of my life.

Speaking of food, how have you been eating?
Lately? Everything. Literally, all the sourdough bread in sight. As I mentioned, my husband is a chef and loves to make fresh pasta, plus he has been baking a loaf of bread a day with his sourdough starter and we go through them like crazy!  Other than carbs, I eat a ton of veggies and dessert, always. I make smoothies packed with veggies to get my daily vitamins and give me a little immunity boost. Lastly, we’ve never been big drinkers but have definitely been indulging in a nightcap, or two, these days. Either red wine or a negroni. Needless to say, we’ve been eating (and drinking) very well during quarantine.

Can you share your go-to smoothie?
Smoothies are a great way to pack in a ton of greens, ginger, and immunity-boosting nutrition, especially as the weather gets warmer.

Load up on antioxidants with my Matcha Coconut Smoothie here or try my anti-inflammatory, vitamin-rich Turmeric Sunrise Smoothie here.

How about healthy-ish sweets?
I adore sweets. It’s no secret. But I always want the experience to last. If it’s over too quickly then I want more. So, I try to keep it “healthy-ish,” to have as much as I want guilt-free. Recently I've been blending frozen bananas with a little almond milk or almond butter for a soft-serve consistency and topping off with “mix-ins." Usually, I’ll add frozen cookies, brownies, or chocolate chips for a massive banana “soft-serve" bowl. Knowing the base is healthy makes a world of difference.

Also, if you want a sweet snack that’s not a brownie and reasonably healthy, try tahini and Medjool dates. Tahini has such an interesting flavor and I use it in the same way I would almond butter. Plus, the dates melt in your mouth and are super sweet.

What’s your number one wellness tip?
Two things that I consider really important. For and foremost, drink gallons and gallons of water. Ok, maybe not gallons, but a lot, you get it. I drink from a 32 oz Bell jar all day and refill it regularly - recently we installed a reverse osmosis water filter which has been a total game-changer. Water is the number one thing you can do to achieve glowing skin, not to mention it's great for digestion and overall health.

Plus, self-care. While it’s a buzzword and often seen as an indulgence, it’s neither a trend nor an indulgence, but rather a necessity. Taking time for ourselves should be a non-negotiable. For me, especially now, as a new mom in self-isolation, it's critical I find ways to center myself to show up for my baby in the way he needs me.

Are you working out?
Post-baby I was easing back into working out with Pilates and daily walks around the hills of my neighborhood before we went into lockdown. Now, in lieu of going to the Pilates studio, I’ve been doing a ton of at-home yoga videos along with walking. One of my favorites is a 40-minutes Pilates video on PopSugar Fitness with pregnancy and postpartum modifications.

Clean Beauty?
I’m minimal when it comes to beauty, a little eyebrow, and blush, but not more. That said, I'm really into taking care of my skin and consider my skincare routine important for my mental wellbeing. Knowing that I have cleansed my skin, means I can sleep well at night or feel vibrant during the day.

How are you giving back?
In response to COVID, my husband's event and catering business launched a program to feed hospitals via a go-fund-me called Feed Those Who Are Fighting. They are delivering to Elmhurst in Queens, a couple of hospitals in Brooklyn, and fire precincts in the LES and NYU.

As for me, I donate my extra breast-milk to a local woman that has a daughter a few months older than Dylan and to a gay man that is adopting a little girl next month and building his milk stash. Any time I have an excess of breast milk, I give them a call and they swing by for a contactless pickup! That’s my little do-good; it’s all about helping where you can when you can.

Any advice you can leave us with?
Check-in with yourself regularly and trust your gut. What feels good for me, may not work for you. Everybody is so unique. Read up the wellness trends if you’re interested but ultimately do what works for you!

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