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The Self-Care Shortlist For What You're Already Doing

Self-care, an annoyingly overused term once meant to signal something wonderful, has become a bit of a chore. With the promise of a better you/me, we tend to obsessively jump from one trend to the next or, stress about treatments, workouts, and getting to the vegan grocer across town. That said, who needs to add more to an already extensive to-do list, amirite?! Yup, we get it.

But, what if we could modify the things we're already doing to incorporate a few self-care moments into our day? Health-guru, Neda Verbinova shares the go-to tweaks she relies on daily.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Walking upstairs for 5 minutes will burn up to 35 calories, way more than standing still in an elevator. Walking up the stairs is also great for toning your legs and glutes.

Do 20 squats while brushing your teeth.
Why not do a few tush toners while you’re alone in the bathroom brushing your teeth?

Workout in the AM on an empty stomach.
People often think they need to grab a banana as they walk to the gym, but by the time you finish your workout, you will only burn off the banana. If your goal is to lose weight, then save breakfast for after your gym session. Exercising on an empty stomach burns stored body fat and speeds the metabolism.

Meditate, while you sleep.
We’ve all heard how important meditation is and how it can affect our entire physical and mental state! But who has the time? Try the CALM app’s guided meditation as you fall asleep at night. There are a ton of different ones – for example, you can do meditations to build self-esteem, to reduce anxiety, to promote happiness, to sleep better and many more!

Listen to music.
Any chance you get, be it at home or on the go. Music changes everything.

Sit less.
Hop up and shake it out, take calls standing or opt to stand while waiting for your table at lunch will likely increase your feel-good vibes.

If we aren’t hydrated, our bodies don’t function properly, which results in a less efficient system. With less energy we are hungrier, a change we’ll see on the scale. Drink water for your waistline if nothing else.

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