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Wash Your Face Topless

While most would agree that the face is the main event, our neck and décolletage would undoubtedly benefit from some love. Quick to age, these areas tend to have thinner skin (similar to our eyelids) that produces less collagen and oil, ultimately making them more prone to wrinkles over time. Therefore, let’s take a cue from our face, and whatever you do there, do everywhere.

SPF, every day, all day.
Chances are you’re already applying sunscreen to your face daily. So, while you're at it, hit up under your chin too.

Moisturize everywhere.
In the PM, moisturize from your hairline to mid-chest. For best results, try elastin and collagen-stimulating neck-specific wrinkle-reducing creams that are generally a little thicker.

Increase circulation (same as the face, people!)
With a light roller (try jade or rose quartz) massage the face, neck, and chest. This simple action stimulates circulation, blood flow, and brings nutrients to the skin.

Mask your face and your neck too!
Think of masks like medicine. If dry, go for a moisturizing Vitamin E mask or if feeling lackluster, reach for a surge of super glow with a resurfacing mask and so on. Apply whenever you need a little boost.

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